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A motorized carbonator consists of a carbonation tank into which flows carbon dioxide gas and pumped fresh water, both at pressures from 30-90 PSI The CO2 gas is diffused into the water through a carbonation device or stone and seltzer is thereby produced as the water adsorbs the gas into solution. Carbonators are all equipped with check valves to prevent the seltzer from reentering the pump and water system. All carbonators are SPECIAL ORDER and once shipped cannot be returned for any reason. If not functioning or damaged they will be repaired or replaced by UPS, Trucking Company or under manufacturer's Warranty.

We supply the following commercial Motorized, Continuous Flow Carbonators

  • McCann 43 Series 1 Qt. Carbonator
  • McCann 43 Series 1 Qt. Carbonator - Dual Voltage
  • McCann E2000 Series 2 Gal. Big Mac Carbonator
  • McCann E2000 Series 2 Gal. Big Mac Carbonator - Dual Voltage
  • McCann Carb in a Box Series Carbonator
  • McCann Cold Recirculating Carbonator - requires external cooling.
  • McCann Vent Device Retrofit Kit.
  • McCann Electronic Probes & Probe Conversion Kit
  • Cornelius Balance V.A. Carbonator Motorized Carbonator Fittings

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All carbonators must have their ventable check valves vented to a drain to prevent flooding.  Otherwise the water level switch can be damaged by electrical surges or other physical damage.

Seltzer or carbonated water is manufactured and consumed in every part of the world. This sparkling beverage is both refreshing and medicinal. It is made with both motorized and non motorized carbonators.

Commercial Motor Carbonators are mechanical devices which use a motor to force water into a carbonation cylinder with a constant pressure of CO2 from a regulated CO2 cylinder to carbonate the water pumped into the carbonation chamber.   In flows water and CO2.  Carbonators output a continuous supply of wonderfully carbonated water.  Sanitation requirements are the same as for drinking water.

Note: The output seltzer temperature at the faucet or draft arm must be between 33 and 38 degrees F. for the proper retention of carbonation when the seltzer or soda is poured. Failure to have the seltzer cold will cause partial to total loss of carbonation.

This equipment is under pressure and can cause problems if not connected properly. If you have questions or concerns on your ability to connect the gear, hire a professional installer. Be careful buying from a beer only equipment re-seller.  Not all equipment works well with seltzer

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