Air Cooled Systems

Forced air will not work in the home with refrigerators for runs over five feet.  A home fridge does not have the BTU rating (cooling capacity) - Kegman suggests you use the Home Glycol Plans for fridges.
The heart of the Kegman Cold Forced Air draft line cooling systems is the blower and the flexible Aluminum Tubing which, when properly installed, will deliver ice cold beer or wine up to 25 feet from your walk-in cooler. Remember that every ninety degree bend will subtract 5 feet from the capability of the blower.  Never try to push cold air up more than a few feet.

Before ordering one of these components, understand that cold air may not be the solution to your beer line cooling.  A few facts from experience:

  • Every 90° bend in the conduit is equivalent to 5 feet of length.  Home refrigerators do not have the cooling capacity for running a 60 cfm blower continuously when the temperature rise is more than 2°F.  If you do the fridge temperature will rise and you will tax the compressor.
  • Home refrigerator runs should be kept to 6 inches or less with no bends.  15 cfm blowers are for direct draw carts where the external run is no more than 15 inches.
  • Commercial establishments should call before ordering so our designers can assist with installations. In all runs over 25 feet a Glycol or DIY Water system will more than pay for itself in enjoyment and efficiency.

Other air system components are listed below to meet the short run needs of every tavern and bar owner.  Beer Components such as beer line switches, wall brackets, and couplings are on another page.


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