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Cold Plates

All Cold Plates are Cast Aluminum cooling blocks with ¼" Stainless Steel Tubing cast inside. Cold Plates require Cold Plate Fittings and CP Washers to connect to lines.

OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 product plates can be shipped.  Just call us.  973-512-2028

These cold plates are used in bars, pubs, restaurants, soda fountains, taverns, (electronics manufacturers, test facilities and medical offices for who-knows-what) and even homes to cool any 55°F beverage to ice temperatures. Some industrial and medical applications use cold plates by flowing cold fluid through them to cool things placed on their surface.

When it is impossible to keep the internal pre-cooled product temperature below 55° F. and expect continuous draw, we recommend using a coil box (cooler) with a 120 feet of stainless steel coiling covered with ice. With 120 foot coil, room temperature product can be served continuously at 40 to 42° F. As with the cold plate, product temperatures will be maintained even during continuous draw with the full 120 foot coil. High temperature (hot) product must be drawn at a lesser than continuous rate if 40 to 42° F is desired at the output.

When using a cold plate it is important to keep the plate from sitting in water.  It must sit and maintain contact with ice. A drain in the cold box is recommended. Periodic pushing down on the cold plate will help cool the product.


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