Glycol Cooled Systems

Our Glycol Power Pack chiller units are for distances 25 to 350 feet from the cold room. Call the Kegman before ordering your long draw glycol system as we can help you design your system at no extra charge.

The basic required equipment for a long draw glycol system is shown below but call us for design and installation help. Other items you will need:

  • FOB Foam Control Detectors shut off beer lines when the keg is empty. Saving money is important and FOB Foam Control Detectors cost less to install than when building your system later on.
  • Gas Blenders for mixing N2 and CO2 for stouts, lagers and ales.
  • Nitrogen Generators to produce 99% pure N2 for use with blenders.
  • FDA Approved Air Compressors to power Nitrogen Generators
  • Trunk Line or Python to carry your beer and cooling fluids for hundreds of feet.
  • Beer Pumps to  move beer over long distances.
  • Glycol Power Pack Systems to continually cool beer lines.
  • Glycol-ready Serving towers and stations to maintain freshness and prevent foam.
  • Glycol Power Pack and Trunk LIne Installation kit.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Propolene Glycol/Home Glycol Systems
  • Plans for the "DIY" & quote; handy homeowner
  • Hose Splicers to jump beer and glycol lines together.  Hose Tees and loops to maintain flow in several directions.  Hose Clamps for sealing splicers and other parts.


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