Trunk Line - Python - Conduit

KegMan supplies trunk lines from five locations around the USA for fast and economical delivery. Additional custom combinations can be ordered call us for details. 973-512-2028 All our trunk lines (pythons) are brewery approved and meet the specific requirements of all the leading U.S. breweries.

All new state of the art hose! Trunk lines are constructed with exclusive Brewmaster Two multi-layer tubing. This innovative tubing has an ultra smooth inner layer to reduce bacterial growth and to insure easier cleaning. In addition, this layer acts as a barrier to prevent loss of carbonation while at the same time preventing flavor migration to other product lines. Bonded layers perform with excellent flexibility.

All lengths of trunk line are shipped by truck. The are not shipped by mail or UPS. Once cut to your specified length they cannot be returned.

Features:Moisture Barrier Wrap Prevents condensation from compromising insulation BREWMASTER TWO 3/8" or 5/16" I.D. Product Lines: Color coded and identified Foil Wrap Conducts cold transfer from glycol lines to product lines Smooth Barrier Jacket Does not compress insulation resulting in uncompromised performance Glycol Return Line 3/8" I.D. Red hose for easy identification Glycol Outgoing Supply Line 3/8" I.D. Blue hose for easy identification Insulation Industry standard 3/4" (19 mm) closed cell.

All our orders are custom.  So call and we can walk you through what you need.  Call 973-512-2028 or e-mail


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