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Temperature Control Device

The Tempeatuare Control Device is the perfect way to control the temperature of any home refrigerator or freezer for beer, wine, soda, seltzer storage and serving. It will control between 20 deg.F and 80 deg.F. Used by many of our customers to make a tower conversion kit from a 5cf chest freezer. When set to 40 deg.F it will control the temperature between 40 and 36 to give an average keg temperature of a perfect 38 deg.F. Just plug your fridge or freezer into the thermostat and then plug it into the wall and attach the temperature probe to a metal object inside your device to control the temperature.

Convert any freezer or refrigerator into the perfect temperature controlled environment for beer, seltzer or wine. The 9025 temperature controller is self contained and requires no tools to install.

Simply plug the three-pronged electrical plug into any normal USA 115 VAC socket. Insert the power cord of the freezer or fridge into the 9025 plug. Place the temperature sensor into the freezer or refrigerator either through or around the door seal. The temperature sensor should be attached to either the wall of the unit being controlled or to the object being controlled. It is sometimes easiest to have it set in a small bottle of water inside the unit.

That's it. No complicated wiring. The Price of the 9025 is $69.95 US and the shipping weight is 3 lbs.
The 9025 controller is designed to work on any USA refrigerator or freezer containing beer, seltzer, wine or any fermenting home brew concoction. The 9025 will override the host refrigeration's cooling thermostat with whatever setting you select above the lowest cooling setting of the host device.

The controller thermostat operates as follows:
A typical beer setting for the thermostat would be 40°F. This will result in the average temperature of the beer keg to be 38°F as the controller will allow the freezer to cool to 36°F and then shut off the power to the freezer until the freezer rises to the set point of 40°F again.

Range of Setting: 20°F to 80°F.
Accuracy: -2°F from set point ± 2°F.
Manufacturer: Johnson Controls.
Electrical: SPST, Open Low Style 1.

The 9025 comes with a mounting chain which will attach to the unit for hanging it on any hook you provide.

We have sold thousands of these!


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