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Cask Beer Engines

Traditional Clamp-On Beer Engines.  These are best pumps made.  Authentic and Simulated pumps are available.  We import these from the UK.  Traditional are in stock today.  More simulated are on the way.

Beer Engines come in two models and cannot be interchanged. Both models look exactly the same with a ½ pint stainless steel cylinder, the traditional mahogany plinth, stainless steel front and northern style swan neck.  Item 6501 is a Traditional English Pub clamp-on Beer Engine made by Angram. These are for cask conditioned ales only and cannot be used with normal keg beers.

Before buying one of these Traditional engines be sure to check the beer distributers in your area to see if they have cask conditioned ales.

Item 6502 is a Simulated English Pub clamp-on Beer Engine designed specially for pressurized systems. These simulate the operation of the "'Traditional" beer engine without the cylinder. They have an internal flow control valve to increase or decrease the beer flow rate to compensate for different keg pressures.


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