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FOB - Foam Control Detectors for Long Draw Draft Beer Systems
Eliminate Beer Loss = Increased Profits

FOBs are suitable for C02 and mixed gas pressurized dispense system. No control box required
Automatically reseated bleed-off valve. ALL materials manufactured from high impact, food grade plastics

How They Work:

A normal beer flow supports the float at the top of the chamber. Interruption of beer flow allows the float to drop making a mechanical seal on the outlet port thus eliminating loss of beer by cutting off the flow into the beer line when the keg empties.

The FOB also eliminates loss of beer when a new keg is tapped by only allowing solid beer into the line.

All long draw draught beer systems will improve your profits with foam control detectors (FOBs). A FOB will immediately shut down the beer flow when a keg empties. This eliminates foam and wasted beer after a keg has blown because the beer lines stay full of beer at all times. There is no need to purge a beer line that is protected with a foam control device when tapping a new keg. A FOB will pay for itself in approximately 6 to 12 kegs by eliminating the foam that sends your profits down the drain.

How much $$'s can you save?


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