Beer Shanks

Kegman shanks will fit all modern bar and tavern applications (7/8" x 14 straight pipe thread) but we cannot guarantee to fit the myriad of inferior parts on the home brewing and superstore market today.

Note: Our shanks have a seven-eighths (7/8) inch O.D. and usually require a ONE (1) inch hole. All faucet splines on the other major USA manufacturers are the same and will mate with our shanks.

The faucet shank is a standard part of any draft beer system. The shank is the hollow tube which connects the draft beer faucet to the beer line and passes through the tower, wall, bulkhead or other such bar barrier. The front of the shank is made with a spline coupling which accepts the spline of all faucets made for North and South America to hold it in an upright position. The rear of the shank can have three standard forms.

  • A soldered in tailpiece (nipple) shank for direct connection of the beer line and is used in all home and most bar (short run) applications.  Bore shanks allows the use of many different tail pieces to accommodate many different sizes of hose.
  •  A beer nut washer and tailpiece is required with these bore shanks.  A 3/16" soldered elbow tower shank with a soldered 3/16" inch SS elbow.  ¼" & ½" bore shank with just a threaded hole for an elbow, gland and locking nut;
  • The short tower shank. Shown on the Shank Parts page.

Sometimes we may substitute a shank that is the next longer size than the one ordered when the shank ordered is out of stock. If this presents any problem to you please let us know when ordering and we will make sure the shank is the exact shank length ordered. Thank you.


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