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Flash Chillers

INTRODUCING the newest Flash Chiller on the USA market.  Pour at events using without CO2 and regulators.  All Built in.  Shipment arriving early summer.  Pre-orders now being taken.  Small deposit and then balance upon shipment to your business.


A Flash Chiller or Cooler is ideal for dispensing ice cold seltzer, juice, tea and beers when there is limited refrigeration and it is impracticable to use cold plates and coils requiring a continuous supply of ice and drainage.

Flash Chiller or Coolers can easily fit under most counters. Our Super Astra has a flow pump to circulate the ice bath water along the product lines to maintain ice cold temperatures in the delivery lines. The Super Astra has a ½ hp compressor with a copper evaporator and represents a 20 pound ice bank which holds 3 gallons (11.36 liters of water) for the capability of cooling over 100-12 oz drinks at a rate of 2 drinks a minute to below 45°F assuming the product temperature is below 75°F.
It can serve a product at 34°F at normal lower flow rates and is perfect to dispense seltzer directly from a carbonator with only slight loss of carbonation. It is also an excellent method to dispense ice cold beer at special events, catering halls or cafes. This latest generation of flash coolers has proven itself in Europe with thousands in operation.

Note: Flash chillers have straight wall Stainless Steel tubing for product inlets and outlets. When used with pressures above 12psi these tubes should be flared to prevent inlet and outlet lines from slipping.


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