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Nitrogen Generators

Generate Savings! Take charge by not depending on expensive nitrogen and blended gas cylinders.

The solution to pouring a perfect beer!

The PUREDraft System will change the way you pour beer: 99.7% pure nitrogen is generated, on-demand, and is blended in the proven proportion for trouble free pressurization of kegged products. Beer moves from keg to glass without foaming, oxygen up-take, or taste deterioration.

The PUREDraft System is easily installed and provides reliable unmatched performance. Indicator gages let you know when the CO2 source needs to be changed. When the CO2 runs out the blender stops functioning to protect product mishandling. When you replace the CO2 the operation continues.

Benefits: Saves money over buying packaged nitrogen and beer gases and eliminates over-carbonation and wasted product.

Note: The items on this page are special order and shipped by truck only. They cannot be returned for any reason after delivery. All problems will be covered by manufacturers warranty or freight handler's insurance.


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