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It's a fact: Brewery approved beer line is specifically designed to impart no flavor at all to the beer. Don't buy the best equipment and then go to a local hardware store for hose. We sell only professional brewery approved thermoplastic line. Do not be fooled by the cheaper imitations on the market/internet today.

Did you know that many of the off-tastes and/or foaming problems in a draft beer system is caused by the use of generic hardware and home brew store vinyl tubing instead of beer line? Contact the Kegman for Vinyl Beer Hose, Brewery Approved and flavor qualified. It remains flexible and durable at recommended temperatures and pressures for years.

Brewery Approved Beer Line is available in several lengths to accomodate the needs of bars and residential customers. We will cut to order.

Do not apply more than 50psi to this beer line.  For higher psi pouring go to our soda/seltzer section.


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