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Stainless Steel Coils

These coils have a primary use in the beer and wine serving industry but have many other unique uses in cooling, heating and heat transfer. They are used in the cold boxes or beer boxes of bars, pubs, restaurants, taverns and homes to cool continuous draw, room temperature product to 40°F-42°F. If you like cold draft beer from a tap and you can't keep your keg below 55°F, then you need a long stainless steel coil in a water/ice bath. All coils are made for beer, wine and soda use. Also look at our Cold Plates for beverage container temperatures 55°F.

When it is impossible to keep the internal pre-cooled product (keg or cask) temperature below 55°F and continuous draw is expected, we recommend using a Jockey box (cooler) packed with ice and stainless steel coil(s) With the Big Jockey 120 foot coil, cool room temperature product can be served continuously at 34°F to 42°F. As with the cold plate, product temperatures will be maintained even during continuous draw with the full 120 foot coil. High temperature (hot) product must be drawn at a lesser than continuous rate or two coils must be used in series if the 34°F to 42°F is desired at the output. Use Rough Crushed or Cubed Ice

Cold plates are only recommended when the internal product (keg, cask, bag, or water supply) temperature can be kept below 55°F. The product can be continually drawn from the faucet at 37°F when the source is kept at or below the 55°F criteria. Warmer pre-cooled product may require a two product cold plate hooked up in a series fashion for continuous drawing of warmer pre-cooling product temperatures or demand will have to be limited to maintain cold output temperatures.

These coils are made of the finest brewery approved  304 stainless steel coils in right and left hand twist and various lengths for cooling beer in ice. These are used in many bar, tavern, pub, restaurant, and home applications where cold beer is a must. The left and right twist is only important when you want two faucets in the beer box. Single coil boxes can use either left or right twist coils.

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