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Picnic beer taps are the perfect alternative for a low budget draft beer system. A picnic tap turns any keg of beer into a picnic. With a picnic tap you can have draft beer any place you can carry a keg and without the expense and trouble of carrying a gas tank and regulator.

Kegman offers a wide variety of picnic draft beer keg taps for all pocketbooks. If you are interested in a picnic tap which can easily be upgraded to a full CO2 gas tap, select any one of the BEER TAPS from our complete line of gas beer taps and add a converter, pump and faucet or a Restricted Rod Assembly and you have the perfect upgrade to your picnic draft beer tap.

For those who prefer a very portable gas beer tap take a look at our small 2.5 pound CO2 Cylinder and single gauge regulator. This is an unbeatable portable gas beer tap system. That little aluminum gas Cylinder can turn your home system into a portable gas draft beer system.


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