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We supply seven different draft beer and seltzer dispensing kits. There is a Tailgate Party Kit, three for Refrigerator Conversion projects, one for Counter Top dispensing with Draft Beer Towers, two for Seltzer Conversion and one for Post Mix Soda Conversion. Each category provides the right parts for the job needed - Serving perfect draft beer, soda and seltzer.

The kit of your choice can be found by clicking on the appropriate kit or picture below.  All Kegman Kits come with easy to follow instructions.

To customize a kit just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Our kits are supplied and listed with and without a new aluminum 5 pound CO2 cylinder and all are supplied with a "D" System Lever Beer coupler and five feet of brewery approved beer line. Kegman Kits include all clamps, hoses, regulators, faucets, shanks (when not a basic tailgate kit which has a plastic cobra squeeze faucet) and B*L*C* beer line cleaner. A faucet wrench is supplied with all but the basic tailgate kits. And instructions of course.


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