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Basic Tail Gate Kits

Our No Frills "Tailgate " Party kits. These basic keggers are designed to dispense most domestic beers in a very economical way. They make the perfect kegger for any tailgate party, picnic or just keeping a keg in the fridge at home. These are the perfect kits for the occasional party where CO2 gas draft beer service is desired instead of pumping air. Just supply the ice and beer and you have an instant party.

This is our least expensive draught beer kit and yet it contains 100% professional bar equipment.

If you want a different or additional coupler for Imported beers we have them all. We can modify the kit any way you need.  GREAT FATHERS DAY GIFT.  Order now and get a free KEGMAN T-SHIRT.  Call us with the size you need.  973-512-2028


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