Tower Conversion Kits

Our Grand Deluxe Counter Top Tower Conversion Kit will work with any small refrigerators which have enough room to hold a keg or with a chest freezer. A Freezer application will require our 9025 Thermostatic Control Device.

Our Grand Deluxe Kits come with either a full 3" inch column tavern towers in chrome or brass as well as the less expensive version with a 2.5" column tower (like all commercial keggers) for the more economical minded. They all come with a real beer or beer (mixed)  gas regulator as appropriate, faucet, shank, and keg coupler for serving the beer, ale or stout of your choice. Our tower kit comes with a full cleaning and maintenance kit.  Call if you have more questions.  Ready for shipping.  Instructions included.  Kegman 973-512-2028


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