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Direct Draw Cleaning Kits

For small Kegger, Refrigerator Conversion Kits, Tapsters and small commercial direct draw systems.
This will not work with pre 2004 Danby or other Chinese parts units.
Our cleaning 1 Quart Cleaning Kit include a durable plastic jar, pump, faucet coupler, 4 oz of BLC cleaner, a faucet brush, a faucet wrench, and instructions.
I recommend you buy a 33oz. Bottle of BLC at the same time to save at least $5.00 on shipping.

This cleaning kit comes complete and ready to go with a 5 liter cleaning bottle, draw tube, American Sankey Bottle Cap System "D", nylon 8" faucet brush, faucet wrench, probe and tap lube and a 33 Oz bottle of BLC (enough to make over 80 quarts of cleaning solution).  Any keg coupler can be accommodated by simply switching bottle caps from a System "D" cap (supplied with kit) to a "S," "U," "A," "G" or Twin Probe caps thereby allowing you the ability to clean other systems.

The beer line cleaner supplied with this kit is the Standard Green Cap Cleaner for the home owners kit.
See 5099 Instructions form usage.


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