In-Place Portable Cleaning

The KegMan professional cleaning board will clean six draft beer lines from the keg coupler to the faucet without any disassembly. We suggest you use 5013 Black Top Beer Line Cleaner or 5030 Penetrate for initial cleaning or dried out lines.
This method of cleaning is required for multiple line cleaning where FOBs and beer pumps are used. These devices prevent cleaning solutions from running both directions in a beer line and so cleaning pumps can only be used one line at a time.
General Notes:
1:  Always shut off the gas supply to all keg couplers.
2:  Never exceed 10 psi for running fluid to board.
3:  Never let the lines empty of beer, cleaning solution or rinse water before refilling with beer if there are beer pumps or FOBs in the lines. If you do the whole system will have to be purged again. 

Instructions for the 5309 Cleaning Board:

  • Select the applicable keg sockets for the couplers to be cleaned and attach them firmly to the cleaning board back plates. 
  • Be sure the end stop is tight. Add cold water to cleaning bottle, quantity depending on how many lines and the length of the lines to be cleaned. 
  • Add 2/5 oz of BLC per quart of water used, ½ ounce per quart is close enough if you are not a purest.
  • Remove the keg coupler from the keg and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Lightly lube the exterior seals of the keg connector and attach the keg coupler to the cleaning board sockets and open the couplers.
  • Connect the cleaning board coupler to the prepared cleaning bottle and connect the gas inlet of the coupler to a supply of 10psi gas.
  • Place an appropriate sized catch bucket, basin, pot or bowl under the faucet.
  • Open the faucets and let the cleaning solution run thru the lines and faucets until you see all the beer is out of the system. Your CO2 will do the work so be sure it is turned on. IF you have stout faucets you must remove the nozzles and clean the nozzle and diaphragm by hand with your faucet brush.
  • Close the faucets and let the solution set in the lines for 15 - 20 minutes. Double the time if not cleaned each week.
  • Remove the bottle cap from the cleaning bottle and rinse bottle, cap & draw tube with cold water and then fill with cold water.
  • Reconnect the cleaning board to bottle. After the set time is over open the faucets and use the faucets brush to scrub the faucet while the solution is running out. If you are sensitive to the BLC, use rubber gloves.  Clean the bleed hole in the underside of the nozzle on standard faucets.
  • Flush out remaining rinse water with beer and you are ready to serve clean fresh beer again.


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