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KegMan Kit

The One & Only Original KegMan Kit:

The KegMan kit is the first and only practical device to allow the opening and closing of all "single valve" & "Sankey Type" (Bud, Miller, Coors, etc.) beer kegs without special tooling and effort.  With the KegMan's specially selected draw tube retainer and OEM O-Ring, anyone can open or close a keg in seconds.  Now both homebrewers and professionals can enjoy the benefits of the easy to clean and easy to care for kegs that the "Big Boys" use.  This is the same KegMan that is used in many microbreweries, brewpubs, homebrewers & weight lifters throughout the United Stated and Canada.  Priced at just $8.95 (US currency) each.  Every KegMan Kit comes with complete, easy to follow instructions, an OEM O-Ring, a new snap ring retainer, and an anti-tamper removing staple.  The kit will allow anybody to open and close a sankey American keg for cleaning, wine or beer storage or to add and remove water for weight training. Simple to use and very inexpensive, the KegMan provides everyone with the use of a Sankey beer keg.

Note: The KegMan is not a tool as some ill informed brewing books hint or refer to.  The KegMan Kit is a complete conversion device that eliminates the need for any special tools or the keg's anti-tamper device altogether.

Warning: ** Microbreweries & Brewpubs **  When the KegMan Kit is installed in a keg it makes it easy to open.  For this reason this kit should never be used on any kegs that will be delivered into the public.  Severe injury could occur if an untrained person removes the KegMan retainer from any pressurized keg.


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