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Beer Taps & Couplers

For over thirty years we have had the highest standards in Keg Couplers for all situations a bar and tavern will need. We also supply households with the same couplers we sell to the commercial taverns and beer distributors.

The draught beer keg coupler or valve allows the gas (CO2, Nitrogen, Air or Blended beer & stout gas) to enter the keg and the keg's beverage (beer, ale, stout, porter, wine, soda, alt etc.) to exit the beer keg.

The gas line from the primary or secondary regulator connects to the 5/16" tailpiece on the coupler.
The beverage exits via tailpiece which is connected to a hose going to the beer faucet's shank tailpiece. This is normally a 3/16" tail piece in residential and direct draw applications.  This tailpiece is supplied with all our coupler assemblies.

A 5/16" or 3/8" tailpiece is used in most long & short draw commercial applications. In all but the Perlick Low Profile the beverage exits the coupler from the top while the Perlick has a built in 3/16" tail piece on the side opposite the 5/16" gas nipple.
All keg couplers come with a 5/16" gas hose tail piece on the side. Our standard assemblies come with a 3/16" tail piece. Stainless Steel tail pieces are supplied with all s/s keg couplers as well as the beer nuts and washers as applicable.
We have specific couplers designed for both beer and wine kegs. Beer kegs can use any of the couplers but all USA commercial establishments are now required to use stainless steel for wine and cider. Cider and wine requires either a plastic probe coupler or a 304 stainless steel (S/S) probe coupler.

Some couplers can be supplied with different color handles to aid bar managers in distinguishing beers in a large cold room. Check our Tap by Brewery list for the correct beer coupler.

Click on the Series keg valve you need and see the widest selection of parts on the Internet.

Quality:  All the couplers we sell are selected from the finest US manufacturers for use in their respective listed application.  

Safety:  All couplers are all equipped with an integral safety relief device which prevents a keg from exceeding the recommended working pressure if there is a regulator failure.

Efficiency: These couplers are designed for maximum flow in either single or series keg dispensing (except Perlick Low Profile which is for very special applications).

Reliability:  Unlike the couplers made for home use, these are designed and manufactured to meet the rough and tumble handling in commercial bars and taverns. If kept lubricated with Probe and tap Lubricant they will provide years of great service. These keg coupler valves are able to tap all  1/6, 1/5. 1/4, and 1/2 barrels.  We also now sell the European One-Way keg coupler.  Again volume discounts are available on all couplers.  Call the Kegman. 973-512-2028


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