Fill Stations

Paintball CO2 cylinder/bottle/tank refilling and support equipment:

Our Dual Fill station below is best for Club use where high volume, fast filling and purging is required.  For the family user of a couple of tanks per day, the Basic Fill Kit will do.

These PB fill stations require a source of liquid CO2 for refilling. Always use a scale.  ALWAYS!

Any standard gas CO2 cylinder can be used in the field by inverting it so liquid will come out. For stationary use, a 20 or 50 pound syphon (liquid) tank is best since it will not have to be inverted.

Instructions are included with each kit.

Note:  These refill stations will only refill paint ball cylinders due to the special O-Ring configuration used in their sealing in the marker and the universal fill adapter. See Other Re-fillers for Standard CGA-320 valve refilling as used in beverage serving, carbonating, transmission shifting etc.


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