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If you have a CO2 cylinder or bottle, with CGA 320 defined threads, you can refill the cylinder yourself conveniently for a fraction of the cost of having someone else fill it. If there is a pin valve in your gas cylinder such as seltzer cylinders, table carbonators, automatic transmission shifter cylinders, draft beer cylinders and others, our fillers will work on all of them. Easy Instructions are provided with each kit. IMPORTANT NOTE!:____ When filling any liquid cylinder you must be sure to keep the amount of liquid below the weight rating of the cylinder you arer filling. Faulure to do this will result in damaged cylinders and possible injury to yourself and others. Always measure the weight of the cylinder and be sure not to overfill the receiving tank.

  • Install the 5059 kit on the syphon tank (if using a normal CO2 gas tank you must have the cylinder up-side-down when filling the cylinders) using one white washer/seal between filler and the tank. Tighten the 5059 securely to the tank outlet.
  • Close the ball valve by rotating the handle to the 90º to flow axis position.
  • Install the Pin Valve Cylinder onto the refilling kit using another white washer/seal and tighten bottle to filling kit.
  • Open the tank valve on top of syphon CO2 Cylinder all the way.
  • Slightly open the ball valve and allow the CO2 to push the air from the 5059. This should take a couple of seconds with the valve open.
  • Close the valve and tighten the cylinder to be filled to the 5059 kit. Use the 5056 wrench or equivalent.
  • With the bottle securely fastened to the syphon tank by the kit open the valve and allow the valve to be open for 5 to 10 seconds. After that time, close the valve and remove the cylinder using insulated gloves.
  • Hold cylinder in upright position and with gloves, and with a blunt object, depress the pin valve and let CO2 escape rapidly till cylinder freezes over. Loosely refit the cylinder to the filler and repeat the purge operation.
  • Tighten the cylinder in place and open the valve for 50 to 60 seconds.
  •  Shut off all valves. Remove the CO2 cylinder using gloves or other protective devices.
  • Check the weight with a scale and be sure it does not exceed the tare weight (TW) PLUS the filled capacity of the cylinder - bleed as necessary to achieve proper total weight. Example a 9 ounce capacity cylinder with a TW of 18 ounces should have a total filled weight of less than 9 + 18 or 27 ounces.

  • Reinstall in the product for which the small cylinder was intended.

Note: If you are not too particular about completely filling the bottle and a partial fill is all you desire a lot of CO2 can be saved by omitting the small pre-fill associated with the cylinder freezing. Freezing is only necessary if you want the complete fill.


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