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Like a motorized carbonator, the motorless carbonator expels seltzer at high pressure. The seltzer must be made cold or be cold to pour properly. See Motorless Carbonator Instructions.

We also offer three kits for making soda and/or seltzer in a small shop or home application. The motorless carbonator has several advantahes over the motorized carbonator:

  • It cannot malfunction and leak an unlimited amount of water into its location
  • It requires no electricity
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • It is portable and has been used in portable carts at events, fairs, street corners by venders
  • Its low pressure outflow requires less expensive Pre-Mix Faucets to dispense the product
  • It is easy to make small batches of syrup and seltzer for trial runs of flavors
  • And sometimes even more important than the rest is it is the least expensive way to make seltzer.

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