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Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits are for making carbonated beverages at home or in a small shop for less than 1½¢ per glass.

  • Very Popular with Seltzer Lovers
  • This seltzer kit provides all the required hardware for a self contained seltzer draft system for a small shop or home
  • The hoses are assembled so all you do to install it is drill a 7/8" hole where the faucet is to be mounted and connect the regulator to the hose attached fitting with the white seal
  • The soda disconnects cannot be installed backwards so the job is mistake proof

The 5892 will easily fit into any home refrigerator which has 27" of internal vertical clearance. It is also used in conjunction with our 9025 freezer thermostat and any freezer to produce a very affordable unit. Before you buy you should also look at our Home Soda Fountain Kit.

Unlike the counter top model and soda syphonsm, this kit makes high quality seltzer at a very reduced cost to produce. With a 20 pound CO2 cylinder refill costing about $15.00 you get a real seltzer for less than a penny a liter.

This kit uses real CO2 cylinders from 2.5 pounds to 50 pounds in size for ease of local refilling and may be refilled or purchased in any welding supply in your town. No throw away chargers or expensive mail back cylinders with this kit.

This seltzer kit is part number 5892. These kits come complete with everything you need to start dispensing fresh draft seltzer with the highest quality carbonation available anywhere. This kit has a real soda fountain soda faucet which you can see in many local soda fountains with high pressure soda line. Our standard kits will outlast all other kits available on the market because we sell the same equipment in our kits as we sell to high use professional operations. We use only 100% made for commercial use components from America manufacturers. No cheap "made for home" use parts in our kits.


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