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Flash Chillers

A flash cooler is ideal for dispensing ice cold seltzer, juice, tea and beers when there is limited refrigeration and it is impracticable to use cold plates and coils requiring a continuous supply of ice and drainage.
The Cornelius Super Astra will be our standard flash cooler after May 2003. Its low profile (see Dimensions for size) and highly efficient. It can easily fit under most counters. The Super Astra has a flow pump to circulate the ice bath water along the product lines to maintain ice temperature in the deliver lines. The Super Astra has a ½ hp compressor with a copper evaporator and represents a 20 pound ice bank which holds 3 gallons (11.36 liters of water) for the capability of cooling over 100 12 oz drinks at a rate of 2 drinks a minute to below 45°F assuming the product temperature is below 75°F.
It can serve a product at 34°F at normal lower flow rates and is perfect to dispense seltzer directly from a carbonator with only slight loss of carbonation. It is so an excellent method to dispense ice cold beer at special events, boats, ships or catering halls. This latest generation of flash coolers has proven itself in Europe with thousands in operation.
All flash coolers are shipped by truck only. They will not be shipped by UPS or USPS
Note: These flash chillers have straight wall Stainless Steel tubing for product inlets and outlets. When used with pressures above 12psi these tubes must be flared to prevent inlet and outlet lined from blowing off the inlet and outlet tubes.
The other, but less preferable, solution is to have a professional plumber flare the tubing enough to prevent the hoses from slipping off the inlet and outlet tubing. In either situation the cold water supply to the carbonator should be shut off when the system is not in use or the system will not be used for several days. This will prevent a flood if the hoses come unfastened. The only water to spill will be the water in the carbonation tank.


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