Seltzer & Isi Syphons

Discover the refreshing fizz and taste of pure soda water. An expression of refined living.

The iSi series of soda siphons or spritzers are top-of-the-line quality. They are imported from Austria and will produce about a fifth sparkling carbonated seltzer for each 8 gram CO2 charger used. With a little chocolate syrup, milk and one of these siphons you can make a perfect New York "Egg Cream", even if you live in Houston.  The iSi Soda siphons are a practical, ecological, and economical solution for all your home seltzer needs. Enjoyed by adults and children alike for its taste and ease of use. It can be used at home, cottage, picnic, office, boat, camp or just about anywhere. No electricity or batteries are required. It will produce a traditional low carbonation seltzer for all your mixed drink needs. If you need high carbonation the Kegman recommends you consider the Kegman Seltzer Kit for home which produces higher carbonation and higher volume. Professionals desiring a commercial soda fountain and any individuals who may be interested in our continuous flow of carbonated water should see the Kegman's motorized carbonators on our carbonator page.

The Kegman recommends you order several boxes of bulbs with your machine to save on shipping costs. The Kegman always has hundreds of the 8 gram CO2 charger bulbs in stock for same day shipment. The CO2 bulbs will work in any iSi or similar manufacturer's siphon.

Each iSi Siphon machine has a shipping weight of 4 pounds.


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