Soda Regulators

Seltzer regulators are set for 100 or 160 psi.

NOTE 1: Before operating any regulator read the Instruction Manual.

NOTE 2: The bulk of the carbon dioxide (CO2) in a cylinder is liquid CO2, only the head space of the tank contains gas. These cylinders are constant pressure cylinders as long as there is liquid in the cylinder. When the liquid has evaporated nothing is left in the tank but CO2 in the gaseous state. As long as the cylinder contains any amount of this liquid the regulator's high pressure gage will only read full. The high pressure regulator gage does not represent anything but the tanks temperature when liquid is present in the tank. When the liquid is depleted, the pressure will rapidly decline to zero. Only 50 pound and larger cylinders will contain enough gas to supply a reserve to tide you over till a refill can be obtained. The high pressure gauge will never represent the quantity of liquid carbon dioxide remaining in the tank. The amount of liquid carbon dioxide remaining in a tank can only be is determined by the weight of the tank less the tare weight (TW) of the tank. The tare weight is printed (stamped) on the neck of the CO2 bottle or tank.

NOTE 3: CO2Gas Regulators. All the CO2 regulators have CGA 320 fittings for USA & Canada. A CGA-320 fitting has a 0.825-14 NGO-Right Hand Thread. Countries outside the USA and Canada also use this fitting but you will have to check with your local gas company to see if your country complies with the CGA standard.


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