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Five Pack Chudnow Seltzer Draft leather Washer - 5489

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For Old Fashioned Soda Heads.  ITEM # 2 in Diagram

Instructions for replacing leather hex washer

See Washers for washers and spanner wrench (#5483) and price.

There are two main causes of washers leaking: 1. Over-tightening the handle tensioning screw on the side of the unit. 2.  Letting a washer dry after it has been wet.

The handle tensioning screw shown here is for adjusting the tension on the lever handle only. If over tightened it will damage the leather washer and you will have to replace it.
So be careful and observe these instructions: First loosen the screw before doing any washer replacement.  Using a faucet spanner wrench with a protective piece of cardboard for protecting the chrome finish remove the large circular cover.  A monkey wrench with protection will do in a pinch. Carefully remove the cover and note the white shims which are on either around the screw or in the cover.  Coat all shims with food grade FDA grease and put them into the recess in the cover for reinstallation later.  Now lift out the screw housing assembly noting the position of the black plastic insert and metal pressure disk.

Place the new washer in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes while you memorize the positioning of the parts to reassemble.  Over soaking will make installation very difficult.  Without soaking it may take days of dripping to re-saturate the washer and seal properly.  Place the moist washer back into the hex hole as shown with the fuzzy side down and the shiny side up towards where the black plastic piece will rub against.  Be sure to align the holes as shown.  Wipe surface dry and apply a small amount of FDA lube on the shiny surface of the washer.  Reassemble the pressure plate, plastic housing and lever housing and place on the main body.  Carefully reposition them so the cover will easily refit on the body.  Turn the cover counterclockwise until you feel the threads engage and then turn clockwise to tighten the cover.  Do not cross thread the cover on the main body and be very sure the screw has been backed out before assembling the cover.  Very slowly tighten the cover and then with the spanner wrench (part #5483) you opened the cover with tighten it in place.  Tighten the screw shown in picture one just enough to prevent the handle from flopping around and you are done.  Remember over tightening the screw will damage the new washer and you will have to start over again.

The spanner wrench for the soda and water draft arms is part #5483 @ $12.50 each.


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