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Breweries always stress the importance of proper line cleaning and the impact it has on their products, reputation and sales. Most breweries publish beer line cleaning procedures and schedules within their quality assurance policies. Brewery policies state it is important to clean a draft system at a minimum of once every two weeks. Long draw beer systems in excess of 25 feet in length should be cleaned more frequently. Once a week is the recommended frequency for cleaning lines in high volume and long-draw accounts.

The cleaning process and chemicals used to clean and sanitize the system will also vary with the type and length of the beer dispensing system.

Note:   Many tavern owners use an empty keg with our Kegman Resealing and closing kit for either a 7-3/4 or 15-1/2 Gallon cleaning pot.

All home users should order our direct draw cleaning kit or the larger 5 liter cleaning kits. Any other system will just be too big.


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