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6321 Nitrogen Generator with Blender - 6321

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The Nitrogenator NX® is a nitrogen generating system that converts compressed air into nitrogen utilizing state-of-the-art membrane technology.

Fewer Moving Parts
Unlike most nitrogen generating systems, the Nitrogenator NX® uses "separation membrane" technology, a non-mechanical means of extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere. With fewer moving parts, the Nitrogenator NX performs flawlessly with minimal maintenance or attention required.

How it Works
An integral air compressor feeds the membrane that separates 99.7% pure nitrogen from the air. The nitrogen is stored in a 28 gallon tank (included) that feeds the gas blender using McDantim blending valves. This delivers the perfect blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to maintain taste and freshness, and does so at the ideal pressure to dispense product.

Nitrogenator NX® includes a double-blend gas blender using McDantim gas blending valves and one 28 gallon storage tank. Unit is available for purchase less the blender valves if one is already present.Call for more details 973-512-2028


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