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Seltzer or carbonated water is manufactured and enjoyed in every part of the world. This sparkling beverage is both refreshing and medicinal. It is made with both motorized and non-motorized carbonators and you will find the exact seltzer equipment to suit your professional or home requirements here at Kegman. From the simple soda syphon to the long draw recirculating cooling seltzer systems, we have it all here.

Soda pop is made from seltzer and flavored syrups. Tonic and club soda is made from seltzer and flavorings. Egg Creams, ice cream sodas, phosphates and more all start with that bubbly effervescent seltzer.

If you need help with ordering your seltzer system please call us at 973-512-2028

Commercial Motorized Carbonators for continuous flow of seltzer will require a hookup to electricity, CO2 cylinder, soda regulator, cooling and a water supply.

  1. Typical Motorized Carbonator Hook-Up
  2. Commercial Cooling Equipment for Soda, Syrup, Seltzer & All Carbonated Beverages
  3. Refractometers Carbonation Level Tester
  4. Stainless Steel Soda and Seltzer Fittings

Want to have your own supply of seltzer at home?  You can, for pennies per serving.  No more buying bottles at the store.  No more running to the recycle center with the empties. Just keep the Kegman carbonation tank in a refrigerator or other cold place and occasionally fill with water. CO2 cylinder, cooling and soda regulator required. Take a look at our Soda Fountain Kit for making seltzer at home or in small soda shops.

Used in small stores, homes and portable serving applications by vendors everywhere.  CO2 cylinder and cooling required. Freezer thermostat, drip tray, soda draft arm, gas pressure reducing regulator and all hookup hoses are supplied with our Seltzer Refrigeration Conversion Kit for making seltzer. Just keep the carbonation tank in the fridge and occasionally fill with water. CO2 cylinder and cooling required. Soda draft arm, gas pressure reducing regulator and all hookup hoses are supplied with this kit.

NOTE: Both motorized and motorless carbonators dispense seltzer at high pressures and require the seltzer output to be cooled to 33-38 degrees F. Failure to have the seltzer cooled will result in flat seltzer in your glass. There are many ways to perform this cooling. This equipment is under pressure and can cause problems if not connected properly. If you have questions or concerns on your ability to connect the gear, hire a professional installer.

CAUTION: Never serve soda or seltzer thru any fitting or faucet which is not specifically designed for soda and seltzer. All seltzer fittings must be stainless steel or an equivalent carbonic acid resistant material. Use only soda and seltzer faucets and stainless steel fittings when using a carbonator. Seltzer is very corrosive and will corrode the metals used in common faucets and brass fittings.  Not using professional equipment may result in poor performance and possible health issues.


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