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6750 Beer Tower Cooler

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MOST inexpensive KEGERATORS can't keep the tower shank and faucet cold in the HOT summer

Once installed, the Beer Tower Cooler will keep your beer shanks and faucets cold, thereby eliminating the warm beer/foam between pourings.

Also keeps the system cleaner by keeping it colder.  Colder temperatures eliminate bacteria growth when kegerator is not pouring.


  1. Blower Fan and Motor
  2. 3/4" I.D. tubing
  3. AC power adapter
  4. Cable tie-down

Simple Install Instructions

Unpack the beer tower cooler.
Push the open end of the cooler hose up into your beer tower until it stops.
Use the supplied nylon zip-tie to tie the hose to your beer lines.
Plug the power supply into a wall outlet or extension cord.
Run the thin power cable past the kegerator door and plug into the Beer Tower Cooler.
For a cleaner looking install, you may want to run the power cord through a small hole you drill through the side or back of your kegerator. Be careful to avoid refrigerant lines if you decide to do this.





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  1. Just what the doctor ordered. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jun 2012

    We have a Danby kegerator that was spitting out nothing but foam until the tower and tap cooled down. This little device is worth its weight in gold as now our precious beer isn't foaming, flat and wasted.

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